New Beginnings

Hey Everyone ,
So We had a Little surprise today
it snow almost all Day
I don't think Winter got the message that it is spring

I Braved the weather and
went to get my nails done
and I went to the craft store
I really need To stay out of the craft store LOL
I had Gotten this Ek  Border Punch  its waves.

Anyways My sister graduated high School Last year
and this Is the card I had made for her

What do you all think ????

Leave Me Comments Below

Happy Crafting!!!!


  1. Another wonderful card! I love how you said you have to stay out of the craft store. My aunt and om say the same thing. My aunt has so much stuff that she says not to tell my uncle. Although, he knows she buys alot!!! they have so much nice stuff at craft stores. I could get lost for hours!

    And snow? Crazy!

    1. Why thank you Krissy girl
      They do have such wonderful things
      I can spend a whole day in the crafts store to
      And yes snow it was nuts thank goodness that it didnt
      Stick or stay even lol


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