Lil Pocket Mini

Hey Everyone ,  
I Would Like to say to those that were affected by the tornadoes
You are in My thoughts and Prayers
One Thing you probably don't know about me is that I have 4 Fur babies ( Cats)
and I don't know How my one cat Smudge did it, but she got through the childproof locks  
Does anyone know of a better solution to keep my Cat out of the cabinets????
and suggestions would be greatly Appreciated!!!
Here is a Lil mini Pocket Card That I want to share with you all
What do You all Think???
Leave me your Comments Below
Happy Crafting!!!!



  1. You might not agree with this & Im not sure I do either but if you put the cat in the cupboard without any locks then your cat would be out of there like a shot before you get the door shut (the theory seems to work but needs testing). If my theory is wrong then buy a dog and keep that locked in the cupboard THAT IS ONLY MEANT TO SOUND FUNNY (please remove this comment at once if you are offended by it as I am aware that my humour is not to everyones taste...and I only hope to make people smile x XxX You Have a very Beautiful Blog x Love Today x

    1. Oh No your Good
      It did bring a smile to My Face LOL.
      Thank you Visiting It means a lot
      to me

  2. Cute card. Love that it is a pocket. Hope you will link up one of your projects on Whimsical Wednesday!


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