Mini Excitment!!!!

Hey Everyone,
2 More Birthday Cards to Go Yippee
I think I should make it  My Goal to make all Mine Birthday Cards
In a Year advance Um mm What do you all Think!!!
I Know what you all are  going to say,  another Mini right !!!!
I Love making Mini Cards There Fast and Cute.
Here Is One I want to share with you all
What do You all Think???
Leave your Comments Below
Happy Crafting!!!!


  1. Lovely :) love the background embossing and monochrome is one of my favourites!
    Michelle x

  2. Great idea:) Very pretty card:) i like it:)

  3. Such a pretty card!!

  4. I have thought of making my cards in advance for some time now...and I still have not done mom's mother's day card's glue didn't have time to dry and she walking in the door!! Lol Now that's what I call 'hot off the press'
    Nice card, well done.


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