Liebster Award

Thanks to Caitlin Marie For Nominating me for The Liebster Award

11 Random Facts About Myself

1. I have 4 Cats
2. I Love All Things Beauty
3. I Love Thunderstorms
4. I'm a 80s Hair Band Fanatic
5. I Like a Nice cup of Hot Chocolate- Anytime of the year
6. I enjoy watching Movies
7. I love going to the Renaissance Festival
8. I Like to dance even If I'm not good at it
9. I don't like to mow the Lawn
10. I enjoy Watching hockey ( NHL)
11. My favorite soft drink is Pepsi

11 Questions From My Nominator

1.What is your Favorite Tool of Choice ( Pen, Sword, Gardening Shears)?

2. What is your favorite Magazine and why?
Living Because it gives you really neat Ideas

3. What is your favorite Holiday?
4th OF July

4. If you could time travel where would you go and Why?
I go to the Renaissance period Cause I love the Dresses

5. Do you Craft and if so, what?
I mostly Make Cards But I do Make Jewelry and I Crochet

6. What is your favorite Time of Day?

7. What is your all time favorite Movie and why?
Wow there are so many that I like But I would Have to say
First Knight

8. Do you Prefer sunny or Cloudy days?

9. What creation have you made that you are really proud of?
I'm proud of all the things I make

10. Have you ever tried to learn an art/craft from a video tutorial?
Yes I Have

11. Like peter Pan Do you Believe in Fairies why or why Not?
I do Like Fairy's  But I don't believe they are real


  1. Awesome answers! I just thought of you when I was doing mine since it is a nice way to get to know other bloggers and you are very talented with your crafts.

    I also love the Renaissance Festival and try to go at least once every year in costume. I go because I love the period, but also because of the costumes, too! I wish I could live there, sometimes. =)

    I think I would have to pick sword, too. I am in love with Medieval swords, though I don't own one (sadly).

    1. Thank you So Much!!!
      I love the Fact that People Help other peoples Blog
      I go twice to the ren Festivel
      and I also go in Costume. I Think there is no other way to go LOL


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