Oh to Be 21 !!!

Hey Everyone,
Boy Oh Boy Have I been Busy
I just Got Back From Seeing My Family down South.
The Renaissance Festival is going on here
I cant wait to go in costume and eat a Bread Bowel and see what people
have created So Much Fun.
Anyways enough Blabbing From Me
Here is a Birthday card
I made For a friend its was her 21st B-day
Oh to be 21 LOL 
What do you all think!!!
Leave Me your Comments Below

 photo b4c803ef-2dec-4916-845e-6fc70aee8352_zpsc8b9868f.jpg


  1. To do a card for somebody indicates appreciation toward the person, time dedication and care. Your friend is going to be happier with this card.

  2. Cute birthday card Leigh-Ann. Hope all is well.


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