The Birthday Surprise

Hi My Crafty Peeps,
I have not been Feeling good lately
so Forgive me for not Posting as Much
with that being said,
I cant believe its almost Halloween
I been trying to figure out What my costume
will be this year cause.
I wanted something new
but cant seem to figure out what to be!!!
I just might be what I am every year
Who Knows??
the last couple of years I had gotten together with a  neighbor of mine
and we pass out candy to the Kiddies
The Only Bad thing is we already ate the candy
that was for that day LOL
so looks like we are going to Buying More !!!!
A couple of Weeks ago was My Mom's Birthday
Though I could Not be there to celebrate
with her I did send her a Card
so here what it looks like
What are your Thoughts ??
Leave me Your Comments Below
And as always
 photo b4c803ef-2dec-4916-845e-6fc70aee8352_zpsc8b9868f.jpg


  1. Omg! You are like amazingly talented! Wow you really should so this on youtube :) I love it

    1. Thank you So Much Laurie
      it means A lot to me

  2. Leigh- Ann this is very good xx

    1. Yvonne Thank you Thank You!!!!!

  3. Great birthday card. So "sweet."

    1. Thank You Leslie
      It made Me Hungry Making It LOL

  4. Hy, I love your blog, you are a great artist. Your work is fantastic, Kisses from Spain.
    I´m your new follower. This is my blog:


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