3 Cheers For Getting Better

Hi My Crafty Peeps,
Happy February!!!!
It only seems like Yesterday we were celebrating the
New Year Time really does Fly By.
Are you all Tired Of Winter Yet ??
I'm sure Its not Just our Weather that has been
super Crazy!!!!
I can now say that I cant wait till Spring
we got so much snow that we are running out of
spots to put It LOL. 
With it being so cold People are Not
Feeling all to well
so Here is a feel better card I would like to show everyone
Well I hope This Cheers Up anyone who is not Feeling Good
Are you Ready For Spring???
Like What you See, Then
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And As Always

 photo cooltext1360966208_zps000eea29.png


  1. Lovely card, especially like the embossing

    1. Thank you so Much
      Thanks For Stopping By


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