Loving the craft Life!!!!

Hi Everyone,
I have only 3 more cards to get out!!!!
Yippee They might be late But at least I sent Them!!!
I Will let you all see them After Christmas
they are super cute!!!!
I had made this Birthday card for my Aunt
and I have to say I loved Making it 
its absolutely adorable
so here it is

she just Loves Seahorses!!!!
 also I'm been Making these paper roses
here is one of them

I'm still trying to get the hang of it
but this is one of my better ones
there is always room for improvements!!!!
I had learned to make the flowers from justafewdesigns
She has the Best tutorial on how to make them
hers are smaller,  I had made mine bigger,
so if you all have not seen her blog or YouTube videos
I suggest you Pop on over and Check her out!!!! 
I Would Love some Feedback From Everyone
Please feel free to leave a Comment
Happy Crafting!!!

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