Letting Go Of Christmas

Hi Dolls,
Happy New Year!!!!
I Cant Believe it is Already the New Year.
I hope you All Had a Fabulous one.
Its Now Freezing Here Burr 
But I guess that is to be expected Being Winter and all.
I Really Am Going To Try To be More Active
On This Blog, as I love showing you all 
the Things I make.
I also would love to connect with you all! 
so let me know what you would like to see more of .

I Am Having A Hard time Letting Go Of Christmas 
so with that said I'm going to show 
you all one last Christmas Card 
So here it is in all its glory 
What ya Think ??
 I hope you all have a wonderful Day! 

Like What you See, Then
 Don't Forget to Like, Comment &
Follow Me And As Always

   photo cooltext1360966208_zps000eea29.png

1 comment:

  1. Leigh-Ann, love your card! That angel is so pretty!!


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