Craft room Tour On a Budget

Hi Dolls, 
Welcome Back !!!

Are you tired of the cold & snow yet?? 
I have been a  busy Lil bee  making Cards to stock up my shop 
and that is no easy task, but either way I very much enjoy it.
I also want to mention that my shop is now opened.
I super excited about this so I look forward to see you all over there.

Now for the real exciting news 
My Craft Room Is now complete. 
awhile back I decided that I was going to use half of the guest room 
as A Craft Room and of course my hubby didn't want anything to do with it 
so this was a project for me to do alone.
The Guest Room was a dark brown color, which I loved. 

I really wanted something more vibrant and cheerful 
a color that would spark my creativity.
 I went to Home Depot to do some paint shopping.
I had choose a bright blue, which if you know anything about me 
you would know that it is not normal for me, cause I so love my dark colors.

I started to paint and I was quickly reminded 
That I really hate painting.
 I even tried to get my hubby to do it, 
of course that back fired.

I finished painting. It only took one can to do my room.
I then repainted the trim white so the color could
pop more.
I went back to the Home Depot 
and got to pick out my counter top,
 which was in the clearance section so it was score.
   We decided to go with unfinished cabinets they cost
cheaper then the finished ones.
I got them home and painted them black.

I started to set it all up. 
I ended up picking out a shelf system where I can 
move the shelves to where I want them to be 
at any time.
Being short has it's disadvantages.
I had gone to Ikea to get some storage 
and they had 6 boxes for $7.99  
which is a fantastic deal considering 
there expensive in other store.
I'm still trying to figure out
 how to label them cause the boxes are like vinyl.

Next I found myself in the kitchen section and found  these cups for .99 Cents
 so i brought 8 of them,
I also picked up these white magazine boxes they were 5 for a dollar
so I picked up 2 sets 
which would hold my basics 8 1/2 x 11 papers like Black, White, Ivory and Kraft
whatever else colors I use a lot
oh and of course a box for my scraps

Now for The grand finale 
Are you ready??

  Of course I had to decorate it with things that make me happy.

I took a dowel rod and I put all my ribbon on it.
I found some hooks in the shelf section at Home Depot
  to hold the dowel rod.

Here is the close up of those black boxes from Ikea.

I placed one of my quotes that I  created and I think it
 suits me very well.
I also brought A card rack from Michael's.
So I can hang my cards on them.

Well that it dolls
I hope you enjoy 
This Lil tour. 
What do you love most about your 
craft room??

Like What you See, Then
 Don't Forget to Like, Comment & Follow Me 
 And As Always

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  1. So pretty & functional! !

  2. Looks fabulous! Hope you are well!!

    1. Thank you So Much
      And Yes I'm doing good

  3. For some one who doesn't like painting, that's a jolly professional job. Have fun creating!

    1. LOL Well thank you and I sure will


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