DIY Bean Fence for under $50

Hi Dolls,

It's that time of year where 
everyone starts planting plants/seeds 
in there garden or flower beds 
But for us this is our first 
yay right, well through some trial and error 
I think we are off to a great start!!

My husband has his heart set on starting 
from seeds which you ask me being new at gardening  I think its nuts,
but hey, what ever makes him happy right?

In our garden 
we had planted green bean seeds 
So naturally we need something for them to climb up.
 Here is where this Lil DIY comes in 

We first went to Lows to gather things we 
needed  like wood, deck screws, and Wire mesh.

 When we got back to the house we 
could not wait to get started.
we figured out where to put the 4x4 wood posts
and dug a hole and placed the post in and made sure it was Leveled.

what you do to one side you do to the other. 
Then we took a 2x4 and placed it towards the bottom
 where it meets the dirt but not exactly touching it 
and made sure it was level 
and screw in some deck screws.

We then went up and added another 2x4 and screw 
in some deck screws and made sure everything stays leveled.

its now time for our wire mesh.

we used a screw to hold the wire mesh so that way we can
spread it across between the 2x4s to get the exact
 placing and amount we need.

My Husband maintains Forecloses so in his line of work 
he does a lot of re keys so instead of getting rid of them each night
we choose to get creative and use them in place of washers.

Time to screw them all in.

There you have it a great looking 
bean fence that's ready to hold your green beans.

Well that's it dolls 
what is in your garden or flower beds?
This gal would love to know 

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