Fancy Pasta Dish Recipe

Hi Dolls,

Its Recipe Time,
You are just going to plotz over this yummy
dish !!!
Be prepared to moan LOL !!!

 How many of you love pasta??
For me I love it. I can eat in morning, noon & night,
Doesn't matter how it comes
I love it all,
So its only right for me to give you a pasta dish
that is a weekly staple in my household.
Now this dish would be perfect for A
 date night or A family gathering
or even a special occasion.
And If Your Gluten Free Like My Hubby Is
Then Just Substitute The Reg Penne Pasta
 For Gluten Free ones,
You will never know the difference 

Things You Are Going To Need 

~ 1 Medium Pot
~ 1 Large Frying pan
~ 2 TBS Of Olive Oil
~ 1/2 Pound Of Penne pasta
(I use 1 Pound Because I Love the Noodles,
But that's totally up to you )
~ 1 Med Onion Diced
~ 1/2 Pound Of Ground Beef
~ 1/2 Pound Of Italian Sausage 
( I used Mild )
~ 1/4 Cup Of Marsala Wine
~ 1 Cup Of Frozen Peas Thawed
~ 2 Cups Of  Marinara Sauce
~ 1 1/2 cup Of Mozzarella Cheese Cubed
~ 3/4 Cup Of Pecorino Romano Cheese
~ 2 Cloves Of Garlic Minced


~ Place a pot Of salted water On the stove and bring it to A boil
Once boiled add the 1/2 pound of penne pasta
and cook that for about 8-10 Min's

~ While the pasta is cooking
Place the 2 TBS of olive oil in the
frying pan

~ Once the olive oil is heated add the onion and garlic 
and saute it until soft and lightly brown.

~ Now add your ground beef
and 2 Italian sausage( make sure you remove the casing)
Now break that into bite size pieces with a wooden spoon
cook until meats are no longer red

~ Now the pasta should be done or almost done
so you want to drain it then let it sit.

~ Add the 1/4 Cup Of Marsala wine
( I use the Marsala Fine I.P.Ambra Sweet) 
and cook until the wine is evaporated
~ Lower the heat to a low med

~ Next add the 2 cups Of marinara sauce
( I used 1 can of hunts sauce)
and the 1 cup of thawed out frozen peas

~ Now add the cubed mozzarella
( I use half of a ball )

 ~ Add the 3/4 cup of  freshly grated pecorino Romano
( you can usually find this cheese in the specialty section )

~ Now cook that altogether just until all the cheese is melted
Then add the pasta

~ Give it a mix
Now your ready to serve

There you have it dolls
I hope you enjoy it .
Let Me Know If you give this a try
What is one of your favorite pasta dish's ??
This gal just has to know!!!

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  1. Mmm looks so yummy!! ♡

    1. you will have to give it a try

  2. This sounds and looks amazing!!!!!

    1. It really Is Let me know if you try it


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