Sweet recipe for using A reused coffee K cup

Hi Dolls Welcome Back,
The Cold Season is upon Us and for some it maybe already here!
there is nothing I love more then to settle down after a long day 
with a nice cup of whatever,
There is just something so relaxing about it, Am I Right? !!

In My Household My Husband is the Coffee Drinker, 
He Likes it Black and Super Strong.
As for me I am Not one For Coffee However,
I do Love coffee and Chocolate together 
So This is were my Recipe comes into play .

 I have A  resourceful way to reuse the K cup one more time,
Is that not awesome Or what!!!  
 we All Know K cups Can Be On the pricey Side,
 so I created this quick and easy Drink Recipe 
that Will Blow your socks Off !!! 
Now tell me is Your Mouths not watering or what !! 
So Enough Talking about it! 
Let's get to it !!

Things Your Going To Need 

~A Keurig
~Mug of Choice
~ A Used coffee K cup 
~ 1 Hot Chocolate Packet 
(You May need more depending on 
your taste and the type of coffee used )
~spoon to stir
~ Can Of Reddie Wip (Optional)
~Hershey Chocolate Syrup (Optional)


-Turn on your Keurig 
and wait till its heated Up.

 - Now take your hot chocolate package 
this can be any Brand or whatever is your favorite Hot Chocolate 
I use the Nestle Rich Chocolate Package .
Put It into your favorite mug.

- Now place your used coffee K cup 
( The same cup you use to make your regular Coffee With) 
  into the machine 
I used the Newman's Own Medium Roast, 
but you can use your favorite coffee.
Remember each coffee is different so it will have different tastes 
depending on strength.

- Select whatever size you use 
and start brewing.

- Once its done brewing 
Remove it and give it a good stir
Now give it a taste.
This is where it might need more chocolate 
but its up to you and your taste buds.
( Side Note: It will look watery ) 

 - Once Its to your liking 
go ahead and add the Whip cream.
I like To dress up my drinks It makes me feel like 
I got something fancy without spending the money For it.

Now for my favorite part,
Take some Hershey syrup drizzle it
on top. mm mm can you taste it or what!. 

Take your drink and
grab a good book and snuggle up and enjoy!!

There you have It Dolls 
I hope you enjoy this as much I do!
Let me know If you give it a Try
What is your favorite hot beverage? 
I just gotta know.  

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