Review On Tania's Torches French Lavender Intense Moisturizer Skin Renewing Body Butter

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I Am back with one of my reviews, so lets begin!!!
Today's review is on a product from Esty called Intense Moisturizer Skin renewing Body Butter in French Lavender, normally I don't buy Items from Etsy, Its not like I don't want to support my fellow Etsy sellers its just sometimes I don't have the means to lol. 

Just wanted you all to Know I am Not Paid To Write this review these are my Thoughts and opinions and my own Personal Experience  with this Shop. I Paid for this Item Myself, with that said lets continue. 

  Have you ever get so tired of trying countless of Body products from high to low end and they did not get the job done? I can't tell you how many times .  As all you Ladies know summer is upon us and we want our feet to be sandal ready. My goal is set and I'm ready to get to work and come to a screeching halt. so what's a girl got to do to get some awesome looking feet, so I went to the next Best thing. I had contacted Tania From Tania's Torches and had told her my concerns and before you know I was purchasing one of her handmade Items. 

Little About The Shop 

 Tania's Torches is a Family Business Out Of California. They use GMO Free Soy in there products .
 They don't test on animals. They make Candles and body products  each Item is handmade in small batches to ensure you get the freshest product. you can Find them on Etsy at

Customer Service 

As I said above I contacted her about my feet. If you want to know anything about me feet they are quite embarrassing.  She was quick to respond and very helpful. 
I told her my concerns and problems and made sure she knew about my ache and pains cause if you ask me that's important for someone to know so they don't make something worse. She was very informative about which one of her lotions would Work best for my situation. You Can Tell a lot of love and Care goes into Her Product.


Her packaging is very simple and clean nothing to fancy. The  Soy Body Butter Comes in a black
box and the container which holds the Soy Body Butter is black as well. Really love her attention to details. It also has all the ingredients listed on the back of the jar, along with the directions on how to use her Soy body Butter. In her box she sent to me was a bunch of free samples to try other things that she makes. Her free samples are- Organic Perfume oil in Cashmere, Organic Hair Oil, French Lavender Soy milk soap, Mountain Lake Soy Milk Soap. I have yet to try them so I will let you know.


The soy Body Butter is a thick white creamy Product that has a mild Smell,
Which in my opinion smells amazing. when you open the lid it has a protectant seal. 
This Soy Body Butter has 8 oz Of Product That a little Goes a long Way. 
The Price Of this is Very Reasonable. The item I purchased was customized To my Needs.

My Thoughts

I really love this soy body butter!! I cannot believe the improvement since I started to use it. 
I have been using this for over a month now. When I first applied it to My Feet I felt a little tingling 
Which didn't last long. but I did have that tingling feeling for another few days after I applied. When I asked her about that she had told me that was normal and that not everyone has that reaction. I love the cool feeling on my feet. I apply this once a day at night before I go to Bed. I rub it into my feet and it absorbs nicely. The skin felt smooth but still had its roughness. But I don't expect it to work miracles overnight. The only thing that I'm not to fond of is that my feet have that wet feeling even though there not. so I wait a few minutes before I stick them under my covers. If that's the worst things then I think its safe to say we are doing pretty good. 
 I also Would like to mention that I also use a ped egg about once a week so that also helps.
Now if you have a foot phobia I would not Look At These Pictures because my feet are in very bad shape. I want you to see the improvement of what 2 weeks using this 
soy body butter does. It truly is amazing. 

This is a before picture of my foot Pretty gross right? believe me I'm embarrassed to even show you. 

  Now this is after I applied the soy body butter for the first time. Pretty Amazing Right? 

This is what My feet look like after 2 weeks. It may not look like much But I can tell you that it did improve a lot.  

So What it comes down to is would I recommend this Soy body butter? the answer would have to 
be yes. It a fantastic body Butter and I can't wait to see what it will look like months later.
Well that's it dolls I hope you found this to be helpful. What is your favorite Body Product?  I just have to know.

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  1. Amazing products in Tanias Etsy shop - Tanias Torches
    I have been using her products too and I am here to say wow. I haven't used anything but her products in the past year and my hair is so long and beautiful and my skin has improved as well. I had dry patches of skin on my upper arm that were getting worse when stressed out. I went to Tania and also received some body butter in the cashmere scent. The dry patches are gone!! So pleased with her products !!♡♡

  2. Thank You so much for this wonderful review and comments. We greatly appreciate feedback. Please check us out on facebook at and etsy at
    Thanks Again

    1. Your Very welcome!!!
      You have a Fantastic Product I will be looking to try other things from you in the near future


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