DIY Tomato Cages

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We started our garden last year and it was quite a learning experience. With the new season we did things a little diffirent.  We extended our garden, We laid down plastic to lock moisture and keep the weeds out, which to my surprise actually works well. I believe I even heard my hubby tell me "I told you so"!! lol. So many tiny but effective changes to make our garden better, but one of the problems we have is keeping the critters and bugs away which I got to admit we have not figured it out yet, but up for any suggestion. We planted tomatoes again this year and last year we had brought from walmart and Meijers those tomato cages which after a week they broke and didn't hold up our tomatoes, so you can imagine how upsetting it was after spending the money on these tomato cages, now granted it wasn't a lot but the fact was it was still a waste, This now brings me to my little DIY.
I'm going to show you all how to make your own tomato cages with just a few supplies,
Who doesn't love the sound of that? So lets begin.

Things your gonna need are 

~3 Ft X 50 Ft Full 14 Gauge Welded Wire Fencing  
~Wire Cutters 
~Needle nose (Optional )

Take your wire fencing, which can be found at Home Depot for about $24 dollars  and pull as much as you need to fit  your Tomato plants.

Now let it fold on itself. The wiring naturally wants to go in a circle so it's very easy to do. 

Take your Wire Cutters and cut right at where the horizontal and vertical wires meet while the wire is in a circle. You may have to move the wire circle aside so you can can get a nice cut.

Next you want to form a circle and line up edge so that it will close nicely.

Next you want to fold the little extra wire that's attached to your circle a few times to close the circle.
This is where you may need to use your needle nose.  

Place the cage around your tomato plants very carefully and  now do that to the rest of your tomato plants and there you have it. 

Well what ya think Pretty easy right. I have to tell you we have not yet had any problem wahoo!! 
 That's it dolls hope you find this helpful. What do you do to Keep The Critters and bugs off your Plants ??  I just have to know.  Like What you See, Then Don't Forget to Like, Comment & Follow Me

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  1. Super nice garden & idea!!


  2. Ive always wanted my own garden! I have a gardening board on pinterest u should follow. I have seen pins about the bug/critter problem!

    1. I Will Go and Check it out Thanks I need all the help I can get LOL

  3. I love a good DIY!!


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