5 Tools Every Female Should Have

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Now this might be an odd post to write about but I think its what every lady should know about. I was helping my hubby with putting his tools away from the long day of  house work. Now we all know things tend to break randomly and not having the tools to To fix the simple fixes would or can be a nightmare, Now for some they might
have fathers, boyfriends, & husbands to ask for help, but not everyone has this option, so I asked my husband and we came up with these 5 tools that every female should have. These 5 might be obvious but these will come In handy. Let me stop blabbing and get the top five tool.


You want to get a nice heavy hammer.
The stanley line antivibe hammers are excellent hammers  for a reasonable price.
Common uses are for pulling nails and banging nails into walls and whatever else.

Razor Knife

Used for almost anything you need a knife for
and the blades are super sharp.

I also found out that those starter kits that are design for females

are usually not good, So don't waste your hard earned money on something that's
not going to hold up. Instead invest in the good stuff and if you want to give them spruce you could decorate your tools with washi or ducktape.

 Channel Locks

It adjusts to any size great for any kind of plumbing repair.
It can be a substitute for almost any wrench. You can get a two pack which has a couple of different sizes. The brand that we recommend getting is the
channel lock brand. My hubby and I found out through trial and error
 that imitation's don't usually work as well.

  6-in 1 Screw Driver

Now this is one of my favorite tools. What is so good about this is it has your two most common size screwdrivers the 2 philips and the 2 flat heads
as well as a 61/4 head hex nut driver
and also a 5/16 which fits all your common hose claps sizes.

 Flat Bar

Use for all types of demolition and used for pulling and prying things apart.
Makes an awesome scraper. The brand you want to look for is
 vaughn super bar or the estwing.

Now there are probably a few more that I have not mention but this is it for now. Hope this help & gives you a good start. What is your favorite tool to use?
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