DIY Lavender Sugar Scrub on the Cheap

Hi Dolls,

Ever been to the store and thought
how expensive some of these hand and body scrubs
are? Now don't get me wrong,
I love buying just as much as the next person,
But when times are tough and or I don't feel
like spending the money
I pull out my trusty Lavender Sugar Scrub and
it gets the job done.

 Here is my favorite DIY 
 Lavender Sugar Scrub that can
be made on the Cheap.

 Things your going to need:

a Jar
Sugar ( White Or Brown )
Olive Oil
Lavender Buds
Vitamin E
Almond Extract or Vanilla Extract
Or Lavender Essential Oil


1.  Sanitize you Jar
by sterilizing it or
with 70% Alcohol

2. Depending on your size Jar
you take 1 Cup Of Sugar
(In my Case I'm using 1/2 Cup of white Sugar)
But you can use Both Brown and white or
 just one or the other.
side note if you are using both you use 1/2 cup white
and 1/2 Brown so that it will equal 1 cup

3. Pour sugar into the jar
and then take 1/2 cup of the Olive oil
and pour slowly while stirring
you want it to be thick not soupy you also don't want it to be dry
(now I use 1/4 cup of Olive Oil)

4. Then you take the vitamin E oil
and you put 5 drops in it
if you use the pill version then one pill will do
I find using the oil is better

5.  Take a pinch of the Lavender buds and stir them
into the sugar
I get mine at the Farmers Market
But you can get them at a Bulk Place or
those organic stores, Co ops.

6. Choose which one you want to
go with
Vanilla, Almond Extract
or Lavender essential Oil
you put 3 Drops in with the sugar mixture
(What I did is used Lavender Essential Oil)

7. Stir it altogether
and bam you have a fabulous sugar scrub

How To Use:

It needs to be stirred each time
before you use it
and you want to avoid the face and hair.
Get your hands or Body wet
and take some Scrub and really take time to rub it in a circular
motion all over then rinse off
I use this about once a week

This scrub has a shelf life of 6 months
but I can personally say it not around that long
I seem to make a new batch once a month

Well I really hope you
enjoy this little DIY
and let me know if you give this a try

What are some of your favorite scrubs??
Leave me your comments below

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  1. I love sugar scrubs!! Lavender is so yummy!


    1. Oh Me to LOL
      Thanks For Reading


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