Review on Nars Lovejoy Blush

Hi Dolls,
 Guess What time it is
It Review Time!!!!
So Let get to it 
Today I am going to talk about
Nars Powder Blush
In the Color LoveJoy

I love ,Love, Love  this Blush it is
My go to Blush

This is My Fall Blush
I really only use this for
the Fall, Winter and half  Of Spring Months


It comes in a typical Black Nars Box
Nothing Fancy
I have this thing where I like to keep the Boxes
Don't Know Why!!! someone Help Me!!!LOL
Inside the box is a Compact
that's Very  Smooth and
Clean Cut with
Nars On it
inside it has a Mirror in it
I really Don't use the mirror
so I think it a waste to have it in there


It has 0.16oz
 There are 29 Other Colors to chooses From
Its a smooth Powder
that is very Pigmented
A little goes a long way
very Blendable
 Excellent Color
Not Chalky Feeling
It gives your Cheeks a warm
look to them.
also Buildable
This Blush has excellent Staying power
but that also depends on the
Climate you Live in.
You Can get this at Sephora or
 where ever  Nars is sold.

The Only thing I don't like about it is that
the Powder sticks to the outside
of the case and its hard to keep it clean
it attracts other dust from Makeup to.

Although it is a Little on the Pricey side
I Think Its Worth The purchase
I would Definitely Recommend this Product
But I guess you be your own Judge.

 Oh Here is a Little makeup  Tip
I find that works for me.
If your Blush feels like its not applying Well
after you used it for awhile
just take a piece Of Tape and swipe it carefully over the top
what it does is it takes the top layer off
and its is good as new!!

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