Summer Grilling Kabob style

Hi Dolls,
Guess What? Its Summer Time
Can I get a What What !!! lol  
Let me give it to you straight,
 Summer is not My Favorite Month.
I know your Mouths are wide open right about now,
But I sure Do Love the Warm Weather
and of course being outdoors
and Grilling up some yummy

 where I live the weather has been one
dysfunctional roller coaster 
so when we have our good days 
I rush outdoors to start grilling.

Our Kabobs are simple and fun
and who doesn't love food on a stick?
This is my hubby and I favorite summer dish.

Now I'm sure you 
all probably have had some version of it,
but I'm going to show you how we make ours 
So get your stuff ready and 
Lets Start Grilling !! 

Things your going to need

~ 1 Orange pepper
~ 1 Red onion
~ Your choice of meat
(we used the English Roast) 
~ Extra virgin olive oil
~ Any type Of Seasoning
( We used grill mates Montreal steak)
~ Skewers
~ Food Gloves (Optional)

1. Wash and cut your orange pepper
into nice chunks.

2. Now peel and cut your Red Onion
 Into nice size chunks 

3. Move them aside onto a plate or bowl
now get your gloves on or if your fine with touching
meat then you don't need to do this.
Grab your choice of  meat
(we Used a English Roast)
and cut that into nice size chunks

 This is where you can get creative
by adding other vegetables or other meats shrimp or
whatever floats your Boat
Make it your own .

4. Now make your Assembly line
(I find it easier if I get them in order)
 Grab your Skewers
and put on the Onion, pepper and meat
and repeat this step until you
 have 3 of everything on the your Skewer

5. Now do this to all the other skewers.
Now get your EVOO and drizzle it on top
of your kabobs,
by doing this it helps not to stick to the
grill as much.

Grab your seasonings
and take them to the grill.

6. Right before you place your kabobs
on the grill sprinkle your seasonings on them.
(you can do this in the house
But I like to do this outside.)

7. Place these Lil bad boys on the grill
and let them cook.
Remember to keep the top of the skewers sticking
out off the grill so you can turn them over.
If you don't they will be hot.

Serve It up With Some Potatoes, Rice Or What Ever Your Little Hearts Desires 
I Made Mine With Rice.

There you have it dolls
I hope you enjoy it .
Let Me Know If you give this a try
What is your favorite type kabob ??
This gal just has to know!!

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