Sharing a lil Christmas Sprirt In July

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Hi Dolls,

This is a slightly different kind of post
It more of a revelation I had
while I was in the store of all places right?
So I thought I share It with you all. 

Don't you love the feeling you get 
when you see your tree trimmed, 
the houses are lit up and the stocking all hung 
and that child Like feeling you get.
As much as we all love that feeling 
when we see it in July 
we all cringe especially those who 
know what comes with it, SNOW Burr.

I think the reason why we have it in July is 
that we want that escape from a our crazy hectic life's,
 and that feeling of love, hope,
peace. and happiness that comes with it.

So don't think of it as a "no not now, its to early"
but let it bring in that 
hope, peace & child like Feeling.
If we let it over take us It will get us
 through the rest of the year 
Wow Right!!! 
 Just a little nugget 
for you to chew on. 

With all this talk Of Christmas 
Ive thought I share 
a few Christmas favorites
with you all 


Now who doesn't love these old classics
if you have not seen them then, there are 
an absolutely a must!!! 

Baking & decorating sugar cookies 

mm mm  do I need to say more 

Decorating my Christmas tree 

 love seeing the
twinkling lights and beautiful 


Spending time with the people & pets you love
makes it all the more special.

If we all stop for a minute and
share that Christmas feeling everyday with the people your with
it just might make your day go by that much sweeter.

Well that is it dolls
what are some of your
Christmas favorites??
I just have to know

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  1. Geez I 'm all ready for xmas now!!! LOL. I love the grinch so much! Cannot wait for the holidays this year!!!!!

    1. LOL Oh I do To He is my Most Favorite
      Thanks For Reading Sweetie

    2. LOL Oh I do To He is my Most Favorite
      Thanks For Reading Sweetie


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