Review on benefit Stay Flawless 15 hour Primer

Hi Dolls,  
It Review Time!!!
and Today I am Reviewing A Product Called 
Stay Flawless 15-Hour 
Primer By Benefit

Now Benefit Really Has Some Cute Packaging 
I Think That's Why So Many People Gravitate Towards It 
Including Me !!!! 
It Comes In A Stick Form 
and The Lid Has Black Dotes On It 
Which Is Super Cute !!!


It Has 0.54 OZ  Of Product 
   Its $32.00 And You Get It At Sephora  and Ulta 
Its Flesh Color But Applies Clear 

My Thoughts
I have Been On This Hunt  
For a Awesome Primer 
And Lets Just Say That My Hunt Still Continues, 
Although I Love this Primer 
Its Definitely Not a Holy Grail For me.
Its A Little On The Pricey Side.
Its Like a Glue Stick But Only For The Face LOL
Its Very tacky Which Makes It Hard to Use 
But I Figured Out A Way That Works For Me.
The Staying Power Is Awesome,
I Wore It For More Then 15 Hours and It Still Looked Like 
I Just Put It On So That's A Bonus !!!
What I Really Don't Like About This Product Is 
That It feels Very Tight On The Face Almost Like Your 
Wearing A Mask, Also It Feels Like Its Sucking The 
Moisture Out Of Your Face, But For Me The Results Out Way The Bad.
It Also Drys Little On The Fast Side. 

How I Apply It 
What I Do Is Apply It To My Face One Half At 
A Time, I Then Wait For A Few Secs 
And Then I Warm Up My Fingers and Rub it In 
I Find Doing It this Way Helps the Foundation to Go On Better 
The Brush Glides Better As Well.

So Overall Would I Recommend This Product To You All 
The Answer Would Be Yes But I would Consider That 
It Can Be Tight on the Face and its does take Some time getting use to.

Well That's it
I  Hope You Found This Review Helpful. 
What are Your Favorite Primers???
I Would Love To Know !!!!

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  1. I just don't think I
    Would like this is a stick form. But the packaging is super super cute!!!!!

    1. Yes it sure is !!!
      I think its not for you either
      Thanks for reading sweetie

  2. Thanks for the review, it was very helpful! I am not a huge makeup person, but I will check this out.


    1. Thank you for reading this
      I would definitely try a sampke of it
      Whenever you wear makeup


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