Review on Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Hi Dolls, 
I'm back with yet another review 
and today we are going to be talking 
about a little Mascara by Benefit 
called the Roller Lash Mascara.
Now Guys don't get me wrong I love 
benefit products but this mascara 
really disappointed Me.
here are some of the reasons why !!

The packaging for this mascara is absolutely
adorable. its pink and black. It's has that old timey  retro feel.
the top of this mascara is pink that is shaped like an
vintage hair roller which is very cute.

 This mascara has 0.30 oz of product 
The wand is the perfect eye shape that fits perfectly to your lashes.
The brush has long and short bristles and it has a slight curve 
to it which is suppose to help with the hook and roll feature.
This product is $24.00 and can be purchased at
Sephora, Ulta or where ever Benefit products are Sold.

There is such a huge hype around this product 
and I gotta admit I do not see what the big fuss 
is about, with that being said 
I was highly disappointed because it so did not 
live up to its claims.
When I applied the First coat I didn't notice
anything different it went on smooth just like
 any other mascara that are out there, 
but when I got to the second coat it started to 
get real spidery, clumpy and the most dreaded of 
all my Lash hairs stuck together. (ooo I shudder to Think ) 
This Mascara does Not Come off easy 
and I also Found that it pulled some of my Lashes 
Out which is a HUGE Problem so naturally I wanted to stop
using it right away. 
The Staying power is excellent I had worn it for 
8 hours and it still look like it was just applied.
With our weather being so hot lately it did not budge.
I don't think this mascara is life changing, 
its something you dont' need to waste your hard 
earned money on. 
Check Out My Review in a Flash/ Demo
to See how I apply this Mascara Just Click Below

What it all comes down to is 
Would I recommend this Mascara to you 
the answer would Be No there are other 
Mascara out there that are so much better and Cheaper 
But i guess you be your own Judge.

Well That's It Dolls
I hope you Found This Review Helpful.
What are some of your Favorite Mascara's??
This Gal Just has to know. 

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  1. Wow, never would've guess that it wouldn't work!

    1. I Know Right But I Guess the Price you Pay to Try things New
      Thanks For Stopping By !!!


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