Fried Kielbasa and vegetables Recipe

Hi Dolls,
Have I got a quick and tasty recipe 
That your going to plotz over!!  
This meal is perfect For those crazy hectic days 
and you need something fast.
I believe this meal can be made a lot of different ways
depending on your taste and size of family.
 ours is made for a family of  2   
so get creative and make it your own.
This idea originally came from my brother in law, 
but we went and made some changes 
So here's how you make it 

Things Your Going to Need

~ A Frying Pan 
~  Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
~ 1 kielbasa 
~ 1 Onion
~ 1 Pepper 
~ Green Beans 
~ 3 Cloves Of Garlic Minced  
~ 1 Corn On the Cob
~ 3 or 4 Roma Tomatoes Cubed 


-Take your frying pan
 and pour your extra virgin olive oil 
in the pan just enough to cover the bottom

-Turn the stove on to medium
and get your oil heated 
then grab your cutting board 
and your kielbasa 
and cut them into medium to thin slices 
and place them into the pan

- Now cook the meat till 
it gets to a light to medium 
brown color.
Keep mixing it around 
it does tends to stick 
-Then get a paper towel and place it 
on a paper plate 
so you can take some of the excess oil out.

-Now let your kielbasa sit.
Rinse your frying pan 
and give it a nice clean 
for your vegetables.
Repeat the oil step like you did above

-Cut up your 
pepper long ways  
and when the oil is hot 
go ahead and put the pepper 
in the oil 

-Then grab your onion 
and cut them and 
place them in the oil.
Be sure to stir them all around throughout 

-Take your green beans 
and wash them.
(we used the green beans from our garden )
Then cut the ends off 
and break them in half
and put them in the pan 

-Now take your 3 cloves of 
garlic and give them a good mincing
and place that into the oil.
Here is a good tip I've learned to take the outside off the garlic, 
 take your knife and turn it on its side and place it on the garlic 
(now be careful) take your fist and smash it on top of the knife
and the outer part comes off easy.

-now time for the corn on the cob. 
 what your are going to do is shave the 
corn off the cob 
Please Be Careful doing this.
You can use frozen corn but the corn on the cob 
taste alot better.
and put that into the pan.

-Now give it some salt and pepper 
and cook it till its slightly brown and soft.

-Now your ready to add the tomatoes.
Dice them up and put them in the pan 
and cook them till they just get soft 
(make sure they don't get to soft) 

-Now add the meat back in and continue to cook 
until the tomatoes get soft.

-Now serve it up with some rice 
or whatever your Lil  hearts desires
and enjoy. 

There you have it dolls,
I hope you enjoy it just as much as we do.
Let me know if you give this recipe a try.
What is one of your favorite vegetable dishes??
This gal just has to know. 

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  1. Looks delicious!!!!

    1. Thanks Julie
      It Really Is it Makes the Mouth Water LOL
      Lots Of Hugs


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