How To Decorate each Month On the cheap

Hi Dolls,

I'm Going to show you a very simple way to Decorate
each month without spending alot of money,
Now who Doesn't love the sound of That ??

I love to Decorate for each season/ Holiday
but my problem is
 I really don't have the space and I have Cats
and you know when you have cats
they like to get up in all your stuff
and cause lots of trouble!!

It all begins with a tree,
Now I know what your thinking
why a tree when you have cats??
My tree is used as a background for my YouTube videos
and is in a room where my cats are not allowed.
 You can use your tree for whatever your Lil hearts desires.

Now the size of the tree is up to you
depending on your space or size of your house/apartment 
Mine is a small tree that i got after Christmas on clearance 
for under 10 Dollars.
Remember the bigger the tree the more
 money it cost to decorate it. 

So Now the question is 
how in the world do i decorate it?
After Christmas is a Great time to buy all your glass ornaments 
Last Year I got all the color bulbs  i wanted and it only cost me $10 
Is that a score or What!!!

Each month comes out with stuff of it's own, rather it be
spring, summer, Fall and Winter
or whatever holidays falls in between.
Just get Creative and decide what you want to do.
I'm going to show you What I did for October.

Halloween is this month so I've decided
to make a Halloween tree.
 these are the items I had brought
for my tree.

the total cost was $7.00 this month.
Coupons and sales is always the best way to go
when it comes to this sort of thing.
My average spending for each month
is $10.00 or less.
Once you Buy it all it wont cost you a thing
the next year is that great or what!!!

Now it decorating Time!
Get Creative and make it your own.
 Place your things
where ever your Lil Hearts desires.

Here is what my tree looks like
for this month!!
see easy peasy right??
Now it your turn !!

Well That's It Dolls
I would love to see what
you do with your tree!!
What is your Favorite Holiday/season
to decorate ?

Like What you See, 
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