Pancakes With A Twist

Hi Dolls, 
Have you ever gotten tired of 
making pancakes  for your family?
Now lets be honest you love and enjoy making Pancakes for them 
but by the time you finally get done and ready to sit down to eat 
there are all done .
Well I know that feeling all to well! 
Eating alone is never fun.

Over the holidays I had visit my Family
and I was watching My Nephew so his mom can
get some stuff done.
needless to say we were hungry.
and you know when hunger set in you
start scavenging through the cabinets.
Lucky for us we found Pancake Stuff
so this is where this easy and even fun
Pancake with a Twist Comes in to Play.
Have I Sparked a Craving Yet?? LOL

Things your Going to Need 

~ Your Favorite Pancake Recipe
we are using Daily Chief  Buttermilk Pancake mix
~ Pure Vanilla ( Optional)
~ Sugar (Optional)
~ Muffin Trays
~ Chocolate Chips
~ Cooking spray


~1. Turn your Oven On to 350 degrees
Prepare Your Pancake Batter
according to your Favorite Recipe
We are using a mix from Sam's Club that you just add water to

~ 2. Now add One TSP of sugar into your mixture
This is totally optional, we like to have ours a Lil Sweeter

~ 3. Now add the 1 TSP of pure Vanilla

~4. Now mix that altogether

~5. Now get your muffins trays and spray them with cooking spray
and grab you batter and start filling your trays.
You don't want to fill them all the way cause they will Rise
and end up making a huge mess in your oven.

~6. Take your Chocolate Chips and Add  however much you want
to however many you want. We did 3 with and 3 without.

~7. Now place your muffin tray in the oven.
 Everyone oven is different so you might want to start off with
10 Min's and then check.
We set ours for 15 Min's and it cooked them perfectly.
When the timer goes off you want to stick
a toothpick in the center to make sure its done cooking.
 Let them sit for 5 Min's to cool down.

~8  Serve it up with syrup and your favorite breakfast side
or whatever your hearts desires
and enjoy eating together!!

There you have it dolls,
I really hope you enjoy this new twist to
your pancake making.
Let me know if you give this a try.
what is your favorite breakfast food?
I just have to know !!

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  1. Mmm so yummy & cleaver!!!! Add a nice cold glass of milk too!


    1. They really are yummy and of course can't forget the milk!!! That's like a major staple next to OJ thanks for reading!!!

  2. Great post and blog. i just follow your blog <3

    1. Hi and Welcome
      Thank you so Much For the Follow

  3. These sound amazing!!!


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