Unique Places To Visit while your in Michigan #1: Silver Bells Christmas Shoppe

Hi Dolls,
I am going to be introducing you to a lil series
where I give you the inside scoop on places to visit or foods to eat while
your in our great state better know as Michigan.
Some of these might be obvious but others are little hidden treasures
that we found to be charming.
Lets Beginning !

I was out with my Husband  
we had stumbled upon a unique hidden treasure a old fashion type
 house that was decorated like Christmas called Silver Bells 
which is located in Dundee MI here is there  Facebook page  

 I became excited because who doesn't  love year round Christmas stores.
We opened the door and was greeted warmly by 2 women, 
we instantly felt like a kids in a toy store you know eyes wide and the automatic Jaw drop 
in aw from the beauty of all the ornaments and shiny lights. 
Silver Bells is beautifully decorated and not busy at all in fact we were the only ones there, 
granted it was a Sunday and in march so I didn't expect it to be crowded. 

They have lots of little rooms filled with 
ornaments, plates, salt and pepper shakers, 
books,  signs, and so much more.

 Each tree is beautifully decorated.
 who knows you may find that one unique piece 
that you been longing to find!!  

they also have  a whole section of Wolverines stuff 
which if you know one thing about Michigan they go Crazy 
for there Football!, although it pains me to say that being close to the Ohio border 
they even have a Ohio State Section. so all you Ohio State Fans can rest easy LOL .

The items in this cute Lil shop has a nice price range 
something for everyone.
The best part is I had brought an adorable pine cone snowman 
which will sit on my shelf year round.
 He is just to adorable to pack away 
now tell me you don't feel the same way
with all your Lil Treasures!! 

I really really love the charm this place has.
we will be returning.
So If Your in the area or visiting Our wonderful State, Stop By it worth it !!
 Go now and let me know what you think!! 
What do you love about Christmas Stores?? 
I just have to know.

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