DIY- Treat Bag into Flat Bag

Hi Dolls,
Welcome Back!!!

Do you Have a bunch of those treat Bags laying around Like I do?
OK fess up cause I know you do lol.
I found a way to reuse them in a different way 
just by changing there shape, how cool is that right! 

 Now instead of having those awful gusset on the sides that take up space 
it will have a bit more space for other smaller items like books, Cd's,phones, gifts 
and more.
Ok enough of me blabbing 
here how its done.

Supplies Needed 
Any Treat Bag
Double sided sticky tape 
and a Bone Folder 


1) Take the treat bag and cut the seam off the bottom of the bag.

2) Where the gusset is there is a line down the center 
fold the center line in half and give it a good Crease. 

3) Now at the bottom of the bag fold just a Lil up and give it a good Crease. 

4) The line you just folded take the corner on both sides and fold them to that line 
and give them a crease.

5) Take your scissors and cut off the corners.

 6) At the bottom there will be 2 flaps so take the first flap and cut that off.

7) Take your tape and run a strip at the bottom edge of the remains flap.

8) Now fold that flap up and crease very well 

Well There you have it Dolls, 
and just because I love you Guys 
Here is my video on how I do this 
so Check it Out!!!!

I Hope you all enjoy this Lil diy 
Do you like Bags with gussets
 or with out? I just have to know

Like What you See, 
Then Don't Forget to Like, 
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