Simple Steps To Set Up A Welcome Table For Guests

 Hi Dolls,

We all have guest at some point in time.
As the hostess It Is our job to make them feel like they are welcome. Now for some this might be easy and for others It might not be your thing,
 But with these simple steps you can make your guest feel right at home, at least for the time being.

Start out with a lil research to find out what your guest likes and make sure you know what there allergic to, cause trust me you don't want that stress. 

Now find A spot In the room your guest is staying in, once you have it you are ready to begin.

Find A table
now It can be any table
like an end table, Coffee table, or just a small table.
If you don't want to use or have the room for a table
you could use a basket or tray
so there are tons of options for you to use.

Find A pretty table covering
this can be a real pretty sheet, A piece of fabric
or a table cloth or you could just go plan.

Flowers are the perfect way to greet your guest.
It gives the room a fresh sweet homey feel.
the flowers can be fresh cut or brought at a store.
 keep in mind your guest maybe allergic to certain scents.

Now welcome your guest
with a sign or A card.
Show them that you are glad for there visit.

 Last find out what type of food,candy, or
 special kinds of goodies they like.
 By doing this it will show
them that you went out of your way to make
them feel At home.

Once you have all of these things
you can start setting up your table.

Now remember you can add your own touches
to make it your own.

There you have it. I hope this helps spark some ideas for your house guest.
What are some of  the things you do for your guest ?? This gal would love to know

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